Conveniently Located
Columbia, MO 40 Mi
Kansas City,MO 150 Mi
St. Louis, MO 150 Mi
Quincy,IL 100 Mi
Springfield, MO 210 Mi
Branson, MO 260 Mi
Wichita, KS 340 Mi
Omaha, NE 260 Mi
Des Moines, IA 180 Mi
Chicago, IL 380 Mi
Peoria, IL 230 Mi
Springfield, IL 160 Mi
Memphis, TN 435 Mi
Dallas, TX 650 Mi
Family Owned & Operated since 1981
Hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation
One of America's most unique properties
6,200 private contiguous acres
800 surface acres of water
Hundreds of miles of shoreline
2,400 acres of wetlands resrve
2,000acres of hardwood forest
45 miles of private interior roads
Borders 7 miles East Fork Chariton River
Located on the Mississippi Flyway
Big Bucks, big bass, big birds
Seeing is believing
Notes & Quotes
Fishing: "As good as it gets"
Whitetails: How we got our name
Turkeys: USA's #1 Eastern hangout
Waterfowl: Where they like to land
Upland Birds: "Fast, mixed bag"
Aesthetics: "One of a kind"
Other activities: Unlimited
Goals: To get better
Service: Foremost
Lodging & Meals: "Like home or better"
Your time: Respected


Best Hunting & Fishing Times
Deer and General Game Animals
Turkey and Upland Game Birds
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Contact Info
The Rodgers Family
Trophy Country
4472 Private Road 1296
Huntsville, MO 65259
Curt Rodgers Mobile:(660) 651-4204
Kevin Rodgers Mobile: (660)-651-2262
Duke Rodgers Mobile: (660) 651-4202
Main Office: (660) 277-4447

Trophy Country Deer Hunting

Deer HuntingDeer HuntingDeer HuntingDeer Hunting

Whitetail deer hunting at Trophy Country is a unique and rewarding experience. The property with its size and topography make a big difference. The 6200 acres of privately owned property contains 3500 acres of strip mined acres from coal mining dating back to the early 1950’s. The many strip pit fishing areas are bordered by rugged areas that were left forming mini mountains. These areas have reforested during the past 60 years and provide deer habitat that is second to none. Several hundreds of acres are share cropped to farmers planting corn and soybeans. Several additional acres are planted in year round food plots to accompany already existing plots of clover and lespedeza.

Missouri Deer Hunting

We provide bow hunting, rifle hunts, and black powder hunting. You won’t see any high game fences as all Trophy Country white tail hunts are “fair chase”. Lodging is provided for all hunts as well as meals during our 4 day rifle hunts. All white tail hunting trips are semi-guided. We have over 50 elevated shooting towers located near food plots. Hunting towers are assigned in the order by which deposits are received. We limit the number of hunters per hunt so we are able to maintain many more open hunting towers. This allows our guests to change locations after the first day if so desired. We also allow the use of “pop-up” ground blinds in certain areas as well as stalking from the ground in designated areas


We assist in bringing deer to the cooler and in preparation which is completed inside a covered area containing electric winches to remove a deer from a pick-up or an atv.

We have recently added a hunting consultant on a full time year around basis. Keith Morano has many years of experience in conducting successful hunts and brings another dimension to Trophy Country. We are blessed with unlimited cover, food sources, and water.

There is approximately 45 miles of interior roads as well as many open trails. We have a large population of white tails with what we feel posses superior genetics.

We work hard to make you feel like one of the family. Past clients from 27 different states tell us their favorite hunts have been at Trophy Country. Don’t gamble precious time and money on leased or public areas.

Missouri Deer Hunting

Missouri Deer Hunting

Missouri is one of the premier states in production of trophy Whitetails.  The number two Boone and Crocket Typical Whitetail, which scored 205, was killed in Randolph County in 1971.  With a score of 242 5/8, North America’s top Pope Young buck was also taken in North Missouri. 

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The world-record, non typical with a score of 333 7/8 was found by a Missouri Department of Conservation employee near St. Louis in 1981.  Each year, Missouri ranks as one of the leading states for trophy-class deer.  Macon County consistently ranks on top or near the top in the success rate of deer taken.  From 1988 through 1993, the Missouri Department of Conservation trapped, collared, and then released 65 Whitetails from Trophy Country.  During this five-year period, these deer and others from surrounding areas were monitored for traffic patterns in one of the most intensive Whitetail studies ever produced.  The results of this study have aided us in management. 

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