Conveniently Located
Columbia, MO 40 Mi
Kansas City,MO 150 Mi
St. Louis, MO 150 Mi
Quincy,IL 100 Mi
Springfield, MO 210 Mi
Branson, MO 260 Mi
Wichita, KS 340 Mi
Omaha, NE 260 Mi
Des Moines, IA 180 Mi
Chicago, IL 380 Mi
Peoria, IL 230 Mi
Springfield, IL 160 Mi
Memphis, TN 435 Mi
Dallas, TX 650 Mi
Family Owned & Operated since 1981
Hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation
One of America's most unique properties
6,200 private contiguous acres
800 surface acres of water
Hundreds of miles of shoreline
2,400 acres of wetlands resrve
2,000acres of hardwood forest
45 miles of private interior roads
Borders 7 miles East Fork Chariton River
Located on the Mississippi Flyway
Big Bucks, big bass, big birds
Seeing is believing
Notes & Quotes
Fishing: "As good as it gets"
Whitetails: How we got our name
Turkeys: USA's #1 Eastern hangout
Waterfowl: Where they like to land
Upland Birds: "Fast, mixed bag"
Aesthetics: "One of a kind"
Other activities: Unlimited
Goals: To get better
Service: Foremost
Lodging & Meals: "Like home or better"
Your time: Respected


Best Hunting & Fishing Times
Deer and General Game Animals
Turkey and Upland Game Birds
Game Fish

Contact Info
The Rodgers Family
Trophy Country
4472 Private Road 1296
Huntsville, MO 65259
Curt Rodgers Mobile:(660) 651-4204
Kevin Rodgers Mobile: (660)-651-2262
Duke Rodgers Mobile: (660) 651-4202
Main Office: (660) 277-4447

Trophy Country Philosophy

Curt RodgersTrophy Country is more than the name implies.  Big Bucks-Big Bass-Big Birds only references a part of whatwe are all about.  The water and natural habitat contributed to the Whitetail Deer, Largemouth Bass, and Eastern Turkey populations that were included with the purchase of this property in 1981.  The sportsman seeking trophies of these species has an opportunity with every outing to bag the trophy of his or her dreams.  However, our emphasis since acquiring the property has been to develop a program of a total outdoor recreation facility that has variety and allows our guests to experience an exciting adventure in more than one area.  We realize that not everyone is looking for the same experience, yet at the same time, we know there are common demands that must be met.

For over 40 years, Curt has been involved in the purebred livestock auction business.  For many of those years, he spent over 200 days a year away from home.  That experience has motivated the Rodgers family to provide good meals, comfortable accommodations, and convenient travel services.  Your total satisfaction is our goal.  There is only so much time, and in most instances, so much money that can be devoted toward recreation.  Public recreation facilities are becoming over crowded.  Gun and water safety is always a concern.  At Trophy Country we value both your privacy and your safety.  The Rodgers family believes the beauty and uniqueness of Trophy Country, in addition to the privacy and service we provide, warrants your consideration.  Whether you are an individual, a family, or a corporation seeking outdoor recreation, we hope to earn your respect by providing a quality outdoor adventure. We will work hard to make you a repeat client by providing the ultimate outdoor experience.

We are conveniently located 10 miles from highway 63 and 14 miles from highway 36. However the property is remote and pristine. Check our