Conveniently Located
Columbia, MO 40 Mi
Kansas City,MO 150 Mi
St. Louis, MO 150 Mi
Quincy,IL 100 Mi
Springfield, MO 210 Mi
Branson, MO 260 Mi
Wichita, KS 340 Mi
Omaha, NE 260 Mi
Des Moines, IA 180 Mi
Chicago, IL 380 Mi
Peoria, IL 230 Mi
Springfield, IL 160 Mi
Memphis, TN 435 Mi
Dallas, TX 650 Mi
Family Owned & Operated since 1981
Hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation
One of America's most unique properties
6,200 private contiguous acres
800 surface acres of water
Hundreds of miles of shoreline
2,400 acres of wetlands resrve
2,000acres of hardwood forest
45 miles of private interior roads
Borders 7 miles East Fork Chariton River
Located on the Mississippi Flyway
Big Bucks, big bass, big birds
Seeing is believing
Notes & Quotes
Fishing: "As good as it gets"
Whitetails: How we got our name
Turkeys: USA's #1 Eastern hangout
Waterfowl: Where they like to land
Upland Birds: "Fast, mixed bag"
Aesthetics: "One of a kind"
Other activities: Unlimited
Goals: To get better
Service: Foremost
Lodging & Meals: "Like home or better"
Your time: Respected


Best Hunting & Fishing Times
Deer and General Game Animals
Turkey and Upland Game Birds
Game Fish

Contact Info
The Rodgers Family
Trophy Country
4472 Private Road 1296
Huntsville, MO 65259
Curt Rodgers Mobile:(660) 651-4204
Kevin Rodgers Mobile: (660)-651-2262
Duke Rodgers Mobile: (660) 651-4202
Main Office: (660) 277-4447

Trophy Country Property

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Missouri Outdoor Recreation

Trophy Country is one of the world’s most unique privately-owned properties. It consists of 6,200 contiguous acres of land, water and trees that afford the ultimate in fish and wildlife habitat. The unique aspect of Trophy Country is its widely varied topography which has been created by both man and nature.  This approximately 10-mile square area borders both sides of the East Fork of the Chariton River.  High bluffs overlooking the river valley contained rich coal deposits, which were mined during the 1950′s.  Approximately 3,500 acres of this mined area are dispersed throughout the entire property.  When this mining was done, there were no regulations to force the return of the spoils area back to the original state.  This is the key to the abundance of fish and wildlife.  The resulting terrain has now stabilized into either beautiful clear water with world-class fishing, or heavy timber and browse that affords the best of habitat for wildlife and birds.

Lakes & Bodies of Water

Missouri Outdoor Recreation

Through the use of our own heavy equipment, we have joined many small bodies of water into larger lakes.  The most recently completed, “The Islands”, contains 250 surface acres with miles of irregular shoreline and many islands. Another, “Long Lake” runs for over 4 miles.  Other such projects are planned on some additional 100 bodies of water that range from one to 40 acres in size. 

Forest & Wildlife

In addition to the mined areas, large areas of undisturbed hardwood forest exist interspersed between open fields and meadows where farming has occurred.  High bluffs overlook the river valley, which runs the length of the property. There are over 45 miles of privately maintained roads and trails that afford the ultimate in wildlife viewing. In addition to wildlife, you will see lots of wild flowers, fruits, and berries. Missouri Outdoor RecreationInterior fences are almost non existent, and buildings are located in one "headquarters" area.  As a result, you can travel for miles and enjoy the aesthetics of the undisturbed outdoors.

Past guests who have hunted and fished all over the world have told us that this is one of, if not the most beautiful and unique places they have ever experienced. The beauty of the property is enhanced by four distinct seasons, and activities are ongoing throughout the year.

Property Photos

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